Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Hello all! I promise I'm still alive. Sheesh, it's been awhile. To be honest, I'd kinda forgotten about this...wooops. Anyways, so, I do have new news! Lets see...school! I hate school, but since I've discovered online classes, it's really not so bad. This Spring term I've been taking Women in Art History, and Personal Health.

Why I took Women in Art History? Well..I need another art credit, and PCC has decided to take away credit night classes (the only time I can go!!) in Dark Room Photography...sooooo art history it was! As for the women part...well...I couldn't get into any of the other online art history classes. Considering I'm completely lost, haven't read more than 20 pages in the book (it's pretty much the most boring writing I've EVER had to read!), I still have a passing grade in the class. Some of it is interesting, some of it makes no sense, and some of it is just a bit too feminist for me. But if I've learned anything, it's that I can make things up out of thin air...and the instructor still finds it acceptable.

Health, another required class. Pretty much all the same stuff I learned in high school health, including some of the assignments we did. I currently have a high B or an A.

The term is almost over!!! In fact, I'm pretty sure both of my finals are currently available =) This whole online class thing is my savior! While they don't offer all classes online, they do offer most. All of my assignments are posted 1 week before they are due, and everything is due on the same day of the week at the same time. Tests are multiple choice or essay questions, all done online, a lot like you'd take a quiz on the internet. You email your instructor with questions, have class discussions over emails....and you can do it ANY TIME from ANYWHERE. It's pretty awesome, totally worth the extra $20 a class.

On April 15th Charlie and I signed a month to month lease at a new apartment. Our lease for the apartment we've lived in for the past two years was up in March, and before then we'd pretty much decided it was time to move. Where we were living wasn't terrible, but it wasn't great either. If you know Portland at all, you know that you don't want to live ANYWHERE along 82nd ave. It's busy, noisy and run down. We'd been living in a two bedroom, the second bedroom had just become a giant storage space. We were off 82nd, it was noisy, police sirens all the time, the neighbors downstairs thumping around and slamming doors, the neighbor next door thinking he's the next Jay-Z..it had all just gotten to be so bad. So we decided to move into a one bedroom, something that was AT LEAST $75 cheaper a month, otherwise there was no point in moving. The thing is, unless you pay an arm and a leg, one bedroom apartments here in Portland are usually tiny or crappy. After searching for a month or two we finally found something we liked. It's a 1940's six-plex, single level, that is just 10 minutes from my work (10 minutes closer than before!) It's only 300 square feet smaller than our last place, which sounds like a lot, but really isn't. My kitchen doubled in size in fact, and everything else stayed about the same size. It has all wood floors (yay!) I'm so over carpet! I went from having a 8X4 galley style kitchen, to a 10x10 kitchen, with a back door, and I for the first time in my life have a kitchen table! I even have a little storage area that I can put (what's left of) the stuff we had in the second bedroom at the old place. I took a carload of stuff to goodwill, oh yes I did. We have a front and back door, and our landlord said we could pull out the ugly bushes that are on either side of our back porch, and on one side of our front porch, and plant whatever we would like. We're also allowed to paint our walls whatever colors, we can even paint murals! Not to mention it's $80 less a month. There's a park, literally right next door to our place. The apartments don't face the street, the end of the first apartment in the row is right next to the street, so we can sit on our front steps and watch little league games in the park next door =) And it's sooooooooo quiet! I swear I've only heard sirens twice in the last month, and it's so nice to look at my bedroom window and see trees, rather than billboards. It's funny, because my whole life I've always heard my neighborhood (SE 76th & Flavel) referred to as felony flats, but it's actually pretty nice, quiet, and safe enough that I see little kids out every single day. We really like it =)

Other than that, there's nothing else new. Charlie has been working at the restaurant his sister works at, but business has gone down there sadly. He has an interview at the Zoo tomorrow though! Gosh I love the zoo! I haven't been in years ha, hopefully he gets a job there, and we can get in free!!

Monday, September 14, 2009

It's been awhile yes

Well I wish I had some really exciting news or something....butttt of course I don't! Ha. This summer really has been a lazy one. Charlie and I have been pretty anti-social for the most part, and spend most of our time at home. School starts back up for me next week, ugh, I'm so tired of going to school! Other than that it's just work work work! Charlie has been looking in to the Coast Guard, which would be a new big and exciting adventure for us! Oh I guess I do have some good news, Charlie & I have decided, pretty much, that next summer will be IT. Yes, IT as in I become Mrs. Charlie Appleton. Yay! Could be sooner though if he ends up enlisting. Who knows where life will take us next, we sure don't!

Charlie's sister J.J. is getting married next week, and then his parent's just bought a house so we'll be the moving crew! There's also been some talk of his parents renting a house out at Black Butte Ranch over Thanksgiving....which we be awesome! It'd be the 6 of us, Charlie & I, J.J. & Kris, and his parents John & Lynn. It's not for sure yet, but I'm thinking either way I'll be spending this Thanksgiving with his family. I don't think I can do another year of eating TWO Thanksgiving dinners!

I can't believe it's getting to be that time again already. It seems like just a couple of months ago when Grandma Mary, Aunt Penny & Uncle Bob, & Tia & Zack came to visit! But it's already been a whole year! Sheesh!

Yeah that means my brithday is coming up too. Woot to being 23!! yeah....not really. haha.

Hope everyone is well! Love!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Ding Dong the Evil Jetta is dead!

Yup. Officially totaled. And officially worth nothing to anyone that has any say in it.

I'm not exactly sorry to see it go...it was more trouble than it was worth. I bought that Jetta 3 years ago next month. Bad bad bad choice! The first year was great! After that, I slowly began pouring more money into it to fix it than it was worth.

At the time of the "accident", which was more like a disaster that couldn't be avoided, I already had:
A major oil leak
A dent in the front corner panel
A crack windshield...which went all the way across
One seat belt in the back that didn't work
One window in the back that wouldn't roll down
&& last but not least, a ticking noise in the engine

It had 181k miles on it...and was pretty much dead.
After my $500 deductable...I'm getting a wopping $514 for my Jetta.

We were on Mt. Hood HWY 26 over the weekend. Drove up to clear lake, and learned that the snow hasn't quite gone away yet...even though it was 77+ degrees out! So we ate our lunch and turned around to head back to Portland. Just pass Government camp we came around a blind curve, and in the right lane, the lane I'm of course in, there was a rock slide that had come down the mountain and spread across the majority of the right lane. Going highway speeds of 50+ I had three choices. Side swipe a car to the left of me to avoid the 80 pound boulder suddenly in front of me, hit the mountain wall with no guard rail, or go over the boulder and pray for the best. So that's the option I took. Needless to say the boulder won. Tore off my trans axle casing...which there were pieces of allllll over the highway...and put a huge dent in my oil pan...which was already leaking. So we got to wait for my mom for 2 hours to come up the mountain with the AAA card and save us.

Yesterday I went out and got myself a new car.

2005 Dodge Stratus, with only 42k miles.

I was already planning on getting a new car soon..this just sped up the process a bit. I spent a little more than I wanted to...but such a nice car for the price it was and such low mileage! I had already spent hours going from lot to lot. Charlie and I saw this and it was done!

So now it's time to go clean out the Jetta, and say goodbye...GOOD RIDIENCE!

Friday, January 9, 2009

What 2009 has to offer...

Hey everyone! Hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! The holidays were eventful for us. First there was the snow.

The snow started on the day before my birthday. I drove Charlie to work, which is luckily really close to home, ( now that he's transferred) and after only 2 hours they told him he could head out early because the snow was really starting to come down. So I drove to get him, going on 20 MPH with my chain-less car. I never drive in the snow, it's a scary thing for me. I was doing pretty good until I got about 5 blocks from his work and I was going down this hill...and the light changed...and then a pedestrian starting walking across...yeah I tried my best to not slam on my brakes and still be able to stop...kind of slid and turned a little into the curb...missing the power pole only because I was going so slow! Oh it was bad...I'm apologizing over and over to the guy walking across the street and he's just laughing and saying it's okay. Needless to say Charlie drove home.

We woke up on Sunday morning, my birthday, to 4 inches of snow! Smart thinking me had gone right to the grocery store after dropping Charlie off at work the day before, so we were set and were able to just relax and enjoy the snow. I didn't have to work Monday..and things weren't too bad the rest of the week so I was able to slowly make my way into work. But then over the weekend it only got worse. I didn't go to work Monday or Tuesday, and made it in Wednesday because I got a ride! We had the rest of the week off for the holidays. Tuesday night Charlie and I used our pots and pans to try to dig our car out..to make it up the street to Target to do our Christmas shopping we still hadn't done because of the snow. That was a scary short trip. Then on Christmas eve Charlie and I both got off early and borrowed a neighbor's shovel to dig our car out of the 2 ft of snow that surrounded it. We weren't even sure we'd be able to make it to our parent's houses for Christmas! We did though. It was just all very rushed. Which mad me sad. But such is life.

The New Year has brought us a little bit of good fortune. Charlie has been at his job for about 3 months now. Things are going good...much much better since he's transferred to a non-mall store that's closer to home. His boss is a little crazy, and things have gotten really strict. Almost to the point of being ridiculous. Pretty much they're on a no tolerance spree. But with the new year, minimum wage goes up...and while Charlie was making more than minimum wage...it went up more than his pay was, so he got a raise! His boss also decided to extend the store hours by 1/2 an hour during the week and an hour on the weekends. So he's getting an extra 2 1/2 hours a week...every little bit helps! We're actually doing really good. Finally not really living paycheck to paycheck...paying debts back...and actually able to have fun every now and then.

In 2009 we will be:

*Renewing our lease, glad to not be moving!
*Saving up for a new car, mine is about to blow up
*Re-paying debts to family members and creditors
*Getting in shape! I will get back to my high school weight...
*Celebrating our 2 year anniversary in May!
*Taking a much needed vacation..even if it's just for a weekend.
*I'll be flying to Indiana in the summer to see my best-est friend and meet my God daughter Gracie!
*I'll be exploring my artistic side, by taking a black&white photography class
*I'll be getting another raise come September, yay!

It may not be much, but it's all things we are looking forward to this year!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas!!

Merry Christmas everyone!!! I hope it's amazing!! Loves and misses you all!!!!!

How awesome is it that we have a white Christmas in Portland!!!!

Monday, December 1, 2008

Babies, Holidays & Glasses

Hey everyone! So not a lot lot going on...but there are a few things I guess I could update you guys on! My best friend, Kayla, since I was 4..when we moved into the house my parents still live in...had her baby!! Grace Marie Glenn-Culley was born on November 18th, at 6:42pm est. She was 7 lbs, 14 oz., 19.5 inches long. It took inducing and 28 hours of hard labor for poor Kayla! But yes, they're both doing splendidly! And I'm now a very proud Auntie/God Mother. I can't wait until after the 1st of the year, and when I come up with the whopping $300 for a plane ticket so I can fly out to Indiana and see my best friend for the first time in 4 years and meet little Grace!

Momma and daughter

All stretched out! 1 week old.
Happy little Family; Kenny (dad) his son Isaiah, Kayla, and baby Grace.

Then there was Thanksgiving..Happy late Thanksgiving everyone! Ours was a busy one. Charlie and I almost never get to sleep in..so we were pretty shocked when we woke up at 11am on Thanksgiving day...and I had to be at my parent's in 3 hours and Charlie to his Grandparents to help his uncle cook in about an hour! So we rushed rushed rushed... took a shower and packed up my makeup and hair dryer to finish getting ready at Uncle Paul's, grabbed something to snack on from 7-Eleven...so gross, then headed to his Grandparents house. We visited with them for a bit, Charlie helped make dinner for his uncle and grandpa...his grandma had just gotten out of surgery that day. I headed over to my parents...tried not to eat too too much because I knew I'd be having a second Thanksgiving dinner...that didn't work so well though! Pretty much as soon as I put my fork down Charlie called saying his parents had just called and wanted us over there within the hour. So I pack up the leftovers I was taking home and go to pick up Charlie and head to his parents. We both could barely eat another bite! But of course, we did, to be polite. After all that turkey we defiantly were ready for a nap! So we went home to do just that. I had a four day weekend...but poor Charlie had to work Friday, Saturday and for 3 hours on Sunday. So I made myself busy at home the best I could. I went crazy-mad-woman on my house and did some much needed cleaning, brought Charlie lunch, made a trip to the library, took the pop cans back, went to the grocery store, and to Target. Then I was ready for a nap! The rest of my weekend pretty much went the same. Oh and on Friday I picked up my new glasses! I have glasses for reading...that I honestly never use. But Charlie gets very scared when I drive sometimes...so I gave in and went to the eye doctor. Just a slight prescription, but it really does help!

So yes, that's just about it for our very boring lives. Oh and Charlie transferred stores...it's a much better fit for him. Only 30 min bus ride away instead of over an hour, and NOT in a mall. Believe me, I worked in the mall for a very very long time...it's really not fun. Oh yeah! As of today, my birthday is in 2 weeks! ::Sigh:: I'll be 22...I'm starting to feel so old! Even though I know I'm really not that old =)

Monday, November 3, 2008

Just keep goin'

So Charlie is in the 3rd week of his job. He likes it. But hates it at the same time. It's really easy, he's making just above minimum wage, he likes his bosses, he gets lots of hours. He hates that he works for 11 hours a day, by himself, without even a lunch break, and has to take the bus for over an hour to work. But, such is life I guess. He might be switching to the store that is right up the street from us...but that's still in the works. He'd only be working like 6 hours less a week...which is no big deal. We're just waiting for his first check! We're pretty broke right now...but just one more week and we'll be in the clear!

The kittens are huge now. We're hoping to sell them soon. I'm holding off on the ad because we have a friend who's roommates might take two of them. But I don't know if I can wait much longer! They're driving us nuts. Getting into everything, jumping on us in the middle of the night or clawing at the bed...keeping us awake! But they are too cute.

School is going okay, I'm just waiting for it to be over with!! And yeah, that's pretty much it =)